Fashion Feature: Layering

The transition from winter to spring may have you wondering what to pull from your closet. While it’s chilly when you leave in the morning, by afternoon you are hot in your heavy attire. The key dearest glamazons is to dress in layers.

Your layering technique will vary depending on where you live. For colder temperatures: Pair a knit wool cardigan and heavy scarf over a long-sleeve shirt. Or for nicer weather: Try a cashmere cardigan and lightweight scarf over a drapey short sleeve shirt. For my more daring fashionistas, a fur vest adds a chic touch.

You can also have fun with layering on the lower half of your body. If it’s not quite warm enough for bare legs, invest in tights. They come in a variety of colors and textures, so you can really change up your look. Over your tights, try wearing knit leg warmers with tall boots or over-the-knee stockings with oxford heels.

For inspiration, here are a few fashionable looks to get you started.


6 responses to “Fashion Feature: Layering

  1. You don’t offer any tips for fine gentlemen…

  2. While the blog is primarily targeted to a female audience, there will be a men’s fashion feature for the fine gents that love the Glamazon Guide. I have been thinking about that, so thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Look at you in your cute fur being all stylish. Love you!! =]

  4. WILD!!! This is what you do when you’re not plotting 😀 I love it!!!! and you of course!!! You and Sara both look A-MAZING! TOODLES!

  5. You are probably one of the most stylish people I know. I don’t know how you do it!

  6. You are the fashion queen-this advice must have come easy to you. Now….help your DAD!

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