Fashion Profile: Ethan Cunninghman

Ethan Cunningham, 21 years old

Favorite clothing stores: Neiman Marcus, Theory and Band of Outsiders

Favorite designers: Rag & Bone, Tom Ford and Nice Collective

Key wardrobe staples: I’m pretty minimalist, but I prefer the typical business casual attire. I like a broad selection of ties, although I typically go for the less “eye-popping styles.” However for me, socks should be as eccentric as they can get.

Go-to outfit: 7 For All Mankind jeans, Spring Court sneakers and a dark blue button down

Favorite men’s trend: The throwback to loafers and jeans or classic sneakers and jeans. I like the nod to the 50’s and JFK. I’d call it Cape Cod casual.

Favorite women’s trend: I like shoulders, so I think that boyfriend blazers are the quintessential piece for accentuating them. Overall though, I’m not really big on the boyfriend look. I don’t think that boyfriend jeans really show off the contours of the body well.

Best fashion advice given to you: To me, it’s always been just keeping your own style. I don’t stick to one fashion vein consistently, because I will go for a different look each day. I feel that it’s important to switch up your style to show your personality.

Your fashion advice for others: Probably to remember that how you convey your attitude and confidence through your fashion choices makes a bigger impression than a lot of people realize. People should keep that in mind.


6 responses to “Fashion Profile: Ethan Cunninghman

  1. Hey brah,

    I’m a brah too in the Athens area. I was wondering if you wanted to brah out sometime. You know, throw back some natty and maybe play a little fifa 98. You seem pretty kool so if you want to chill, hit a brah up.


  2. OW OW looking stylish Ethan! =]

  3. Didn’t know Ethan was so stylish! Fashion looks good on him, but this look is not for the older guys 🙂 Great advice again.

  4. Loved this! Particularly because it reminds me to wear my navy blazer tomorrow! 🙂 But then, I agree that it’s a staple item for girls too and look for any reason to wear it!

  5. I don’t have that much of a style, but I do try to change it up from time to time! I like the post!

  6. Wait, wasn’t this picture on the cover of the last issue of GQ?

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