Fashion Profile: Diana Llaveria

Diana Llaveria, 21 years old

Description of personal style: My roommate today described my personal style as “punk meets hipster,” which I think is fairly accurate. (But I would add “meets lazy!”)

Favorite clothing stores: Urban Outfitters, H&M and Psycho Sisters

Favorite designers: Oscar de la Renta, BCBG and Guess!

Your style icons: Emma Watson, Jessica Stroup, AnnaLynne McCord and Helena Bonham Carter

Accessory that you can’t live without: I am obsessed with my feather hairpiece; I feel like it makes most of my outfits. It just adds that something extra.

Your go-to clothing item: I always grab my Gap skinny jeans. They are old and super ripped up; the style is called the “Diva.” And then with those, I would pair an old t-shirt.

Favorite trend for spring: Tribal prints! I have always been a fan, and I’m starting to see them everywhere. I just can’t get enough. I especially like the tribal print for loose, flowy shirts.

Best fashion advice given to you: My mom told me not to be intimidated by what I wear, and that if you decide to wear something then you own it; nobody can look at you funny for your fashion choices.

Your fashion advice for others: I would say do not be swayed by the generalizations others may make. Like, if you like a style don’t be afraid to wear it because people will label you as a “hipster” or as a “punk.” Wear it because you like it.


4 responses to “Fashion Profile: Diana Llaveria

  1. I love this post, especially all of Diana’s excellent thoughts on fashion and her outfit. Urban Outfitters model, anyone?

  2. Great advice Diana! You look fab in your outfit and other times I’ve seen you. Love your style!

  3. Diana is super awesome! I like the fact that y’all are at some abandon warehouses taking some hipster like pics! I try not to let people tell me what to wear!

  4. What a cutie! Too bad I feel like she forgot how much she loves Pitaya.

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