Closet Cleaning

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I have an extremely Type A personality, so it should come as no surprise that I am almost obsessive when it comes to organization. Though I always keep things tidy year round, I still love a good spring-cleaning. To help you get started with yours, here are some tips for tackling the most important room in the house: your closet.

Get rid of what you don’t wear. If it hasn’t been pulled off the hanger in six months, then don’t leave it in your closet wasting valuable space any longer. If the article of clothing is extremely worn (holes, stains, etc.), go ahead and toss it. If it’s gently used, be sure to donate it. Many charities do front door pickups, or you can always bring your discarded clothes to the nearest Goodwill.

Organize your hangers. It is such a simple task, but it will really make all the difference; being consistent with your hangers is both visually pleasing and functional. Some quick suggestions to keep in mind: don’t use wire hangers, don’t double up with more than one item per hanger and don’t use hangers with rotating hooks. If you want more, read this article from

Coordinate your clothing. When friends first see my closet, they are often shocked at how meticulously coordinated everything is. (If you’re reading between the lines, they think I’m crazy!) For me, I love it because I never have to waste time searching for my favorite lightweight, pink-striped shirt because I can eyeball my clothes and know exactly where it is. I recommend coordinating your clothing first by season – bulky sweaters in the back and lightweight tanks in the front. Next, color-code your items within each seasonal group; I’ve found that using the colors of the rainbow is effective.

Maximize your closet space. Not all of us have the luxury of a fabulous walk-in-closet (I’m looking at you Carrie Bradshaw, courtesy of Mr. Big), but that doesn’t mean you can’t make every effort to maximize the space that you do have. These 8 tips from Marie Claire will have you effectively managing that overflowing closet in no time.

Consult the experts. If you are still left feeling hopelessly overwhelmed at the thought of tackling your messy closet, have someone else help you. Find a personal organizer in your area to assist you or seek out an expert at your local bookstore. I suggest picking up Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style by Melanie Charlton Fascitelli. Purchase here.


10 responses to “Closet Cleaning

  1. I have probably cleaned out my closet at least three times since being at college, yet I still have an overflowing amount of clothes… guess it’s time for number 4!

  2. Thanks for the link to the Marie Claire article! Do you have any tips on organizing drawer space, as well?

    • Stacking your clothes neatly is the easiest and most important thing for you to do to keep your drawer looking tidy. And if you can’t get a clean fold, try a folding board. Also, don’t try to overstuff your drawers… your clothes will just become a wrinkled mess and no one wants that!

  3. For people who live in Athens: donate your clothes to Project SAFE — it’s in the Bell’s shopping center on Hawthorne (near Prince Ave.). They first offer the clothes to women who are getting out of a situation of domestic violence, and if they aren’t used for that, they are sold at the thrift store to support the safe house. Great, great cause.

  4. I know first hand how organized you are and your closet is perfect! In fact, you made my closet look a lot better and I appreciated your help then and all the advice you have given now. Guess I need to clean out my closet again. Thanks

  5. I organize my closet by color and style (jackets together, shirts, skirts, dresses, etc.) My friends think I’m crazy, too. But I’d love some nice new hangers to make it really pretty…TJ Maxx has some super cute one’s in fun colors!

  6. I’m really needing to clean out my closet before I move into a new place at the end of the summer. I’ll need some serious motivation! Thanks!

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