Giving Never Goes Out of Style

Hey there glamazons! As you will notice, this post differs from the typical beauty and fashion advice that I like to dish out. Instead of talking about how to tame dirty hair or survive a rainy day in style (still forthcoming), I want to share a special cause that I have been working with this past month.

My social media class at UGA, the class for which I created this blog, has been trying to raise $5,000 for charity: water. This amount of money is enough to build one well and provide countless people with access to clean, safe water – a simple life necessity that we oftentimes fail to fully appreciate. Most of our fundraising efforts have focused on incorporating social media tactics with a few on-campus events including bake sales, water pong for Earth Day, Thirsty Thursday campaign, a percentage night at Buddha Bar (appropriately offering well drinks and well shots), and a pledge to go a day without water.

Because giving never goes out of style, I challenge you – my loyal readers – to always do what you can to help others. I suggest that you start by donating to the Is Yours Clean? charity: water campaign by clicking here. Every donation makes a difference, and if you have any questions about contributing, leave a comment or send me an email at Thanks in advance for your help.


4 responses to “Giving Never Goes Out of Style

  1. Hats off to you and your social media class. What a great fund raiser! Never knew it took that much money for one well. I will pledge for this great cause.

  2. It’s tough to not go a day without water somehow. I did the pledge, and every time I went to use the sink, I had to stop. Rough day.

  3. There’s nothing more chic than being generous and thoughtful person. 🙂

  4. I love the title of this post! So proud of the class!

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