Juicy Brights

Having successfully completed my second to last semester at UGA, I’ve thoroughly been enjoying the brief down time that I have before beginning my summer internship. Because I’ve been in desperate need of new shorts ever since the weather heated up, today my mom and I made a quick trip to Lenox.

After successfully finding two cute (and inexpensive) pairs of shorts, we browsed a bit in ZARA where I could not take my eyes off of these bright lightweight
tanks with exposed zippers in the back. After I scooped up a few Β and made my way to the dressing room, my mom found the amazing orange woven belt that perfectly complimented the tanks. I absolutely love how the juicy colors exude a feeling of eating Β fruit or sipping lemonade by the pool on a hot day.


6 responses to “Juicy Brights

  1. Loved shopping with you! Over a period of time, I’m learned alot from you about style and I was one up on you today πŸ™‚ YES!!!!!

  2. Just what you need! Bright colors! Since you obviously don’t stand out as it is (note the sarcasm) πŸ™‚

  3. So, did you buy all of these items? Or were you just taking pictures of the wonderful things? Because if you did…we all know I’ll be borrowing at some point. Miss you roomie! πŸ™‚

    • I most certainly bought these items, so you are of course more than welcome to borrow at any time. In fact, feel free to visit me in Alpharetta and grab them! Miss you. πŸ™‚

  4. SO CUTE! Never heard of ZARA, must check it out for sure. I’m in desperate need of cute summer clothes!

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