Office Vacation

Are you working at your desk but dreaming of a glamorous summer getaway? Create one for yourself without taking time off by following these four simple tips.

Set your morning mood with summery tunes. Start with a good morning, and you’ll have a great day. Create a playlist on your iPod for the drive to work and get yourself pumped up before arriving at the office. If you need to ease into the jam session, start with Seal & Crofts’ “Summer Breeze” or 311’s “Love Song” before breaking out Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True” or Bon Jovi’s “Summertime.” For more inspiration, you can check out Billboard’s Top 30 Summer Songs here.

Dress in brightly-colored clothes. From reading one of my more recent posts, you know that I am all about the brights this summer. When wearing eye-catching colors to work, be sure to stick to one pop of color in your ensemble. Try a hot pink pencil skirt with a lightweight white blouse or go for a lemony yellow cardigan over your classic LBD. Either look is sure to leave you feeling perfectly sunny.

Pack a seasonally inspired lunch. Take advantage of ripe fruits and pack a fruit salad to pair with a delectable cold cut wrap like this or this, both shared on Kraft’s website. You’ll save money not eating out, and the meal isn’t heavy on the calories either! (Just don’t forget the strawberries!)

Have some fun in the sun. While you can’t frolic at the beach or lounge at the pool during your lunch break, you can get outside for a 15 minute stroll. It will elevate your heart rate and help burn some extra calories (because let’s face it, sitting at a desk for eight hours a day doesn’t exactly do the body good). Plus, whether or not research confirms it, doesn’t sunshine just make you happy?


3 responses to “Office Vacation

  1. Love the beachy pic-mexico is the location? Loved the tip on songs and since I haven’t had lunch, those wraps looked so…good! I’m all about the bright colored clothes, they especially look nice with a summer glow 🙂

  2. Being cooped up in a dark warehouse all day, my eyes burn when I walk out at 3:30pm. Maybe one of these days I’ll get outside a little more and take some short breaks. Though I always day dream about being somewhere tropical.

  3. All good tips! I can see the water from my current desk – makes the long day that much more enjoyable!

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