Father’s Day Sweet Treat

So while this is not a foodie blog, I am excited to share that I made something in the kitchen other than Kraft macaroni and cheese this weekend. (For those who know me closely, this is a pretty monumental occasion.) Coupled with the  fact that this sweet treat was specially prepared for Father’s Day, I was knew that I needed to dedicate a post to the delicious Oreo ice cream cake that I whipped together Saturday morning.

Additionally, I think that you will sincerely enjoy this recipe, glamazons! It takes less than 15 minutes prep time (no baking) and is ready to serve in four hours — perfect for back patio, summer get-togethers.


5 responses to “Father’s Day Sweet Treat

  1. Those pictures are just fabulously decadent looking. Almost as good as the actual dessert was. 🙂

  2. Quite impressive and it was amazingly good!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. Ok, let’s be real. You can make a mean bowl of mac ‘n cheese, but where on earth was this recipe when it was lunch time a couple weeks ago!! That looks so delicious.

  4. im pretty sure im about to go home and make this. okay maybe not tonight, but DEFINITELY next week when I’m at the beach! YUMM!

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