A Fabulous Fourth

Happy Fourth of July, glamazons!

I’m currently enjoying some quality time with my extended family in northern Minnesota. We make it a point to round up the troops every year for the holiday weekend, and I honestly couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I love the parades and races in town. I love the street dances and fried bread. I love being on the lake and watching the fireworks. I love eating unhealthy quantities of Top the Tater and Vi’s Pizza (two of my most favorite foods that are not available to me in Georgia.) I love escaping the hot hot hot Georgia weather. But most of all, I love spending time with loved ones, especially with Coco joining us this year! I hope you all are having a fabulous Fourth too and doing the things you love.


2 responses to “A Fabulous Fourth

  1. Fireworks during a thunderstorm and family, this 4th was so much fun!

  2. You described our 4th of July vacations to the “T”. They come and go so fast : ( We had beautiful weather and a wonderful time. Glad you could get time off from work to join us. Wouldn’t be the same without you and Coco. Coco was a great first time- airplane traveler.

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