Chocolate Eclair Squares

After making these, I loved how easy it was to put together a delicious, no-bake dessert that the entire family would love. (Also, keeping the oven off during a scorching hot summer is always a plus.) So to welcome my parents and brother home from Minnesota, I turned to Kraft for this recipe for chocolate eclair squares.

I made a few minor adjustments: substituting Publix-brand vanilla wafers because they were on sale and using three instead of two squares of Baker’s chocolate. The extra square provided more chocolately goodness for the top layer drizzle, which I certainly appreciated. The prep time is next to nothing, so for all you glamazons needing an easy, breezy dessert — this is a recipe to try.


7 responses to “Chocolate Eclair Squares

  1. I hope that at least a bit of this has survived until Thursday… otherwise, there needs to be a baking party going on soon.

    • I’ll do my best to make sure there is a piece for you to try. It will probably require me cutting an advance piece and setting it aside so no one in my family touches it, but it can be done!

  2. It was even better than it looks. So…..amazing. You continue to impress us!

  3. One of the most delicious things I’ve had in awhile

  4. This look so incredibly amazing….must have it.

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