Summer Drink Special

Photo by Usodesita.

I scoured the web and rounded up the tastiest summer cocktail recipes… and some are even low cal! Enjoy.

NOTE: To add an extra special touch to your cocktails, check out these fun flavored ice cube suggestions from Martha Stewart. All recipes from Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker and YumSugar… check out their websites for even more ideas.


5 responses to “Summer Drink Special

  1. Girl, you know I was ALL OVER this post! YUM! =] May have to make one of these a special at Allen’s this weekend!

  2. Ready to experiment and what a great one to participate in 🙂 They all sound so….good!

  3. Ok….. my vote after having them read to me… is the cosmo slush!

  4. DELICIOUS! I love a good summer cocktail.

  5. Do baking parties and drink making parties go together? I think they should.

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