Farmer’s Market & Vintage Shopping

Enjoying a delicious egg and cheese crepe from the Crepe Cottage.

This Saturday, my family and I started our day bright and early with a trip to the Alpharetta Farmers Market. Although waking to my alarm clock at 8:20 a.m. was difficult, our delectable finds were well worth it. Having swooped up all the goodies we desired, we regrouped and made our way to Little Five Points where I had a field day scavenging the shops for inexpensive but amazingly cute vintage finds. (My favorite purchases were two new fedoras to add to my growing  collection.) A coronary bypass burger from the Vortex completed the L5P trip, and I ended the day with a fun-filled night in Athens.


4 responses to “Farmer’s Market & Vintage Shopping

  1. What a fabulous day it was 🙂 What are we doing this weekend our event planner?

  2. I finally got to go somewhere-Alpharetta Farmers Market and I loved the attention. Thanks for the treat! I am still enjoying it.

  3. I want that burger, and to go to the Junkman’s Daughter. Both places seem like must-visits. I guess I just need a trip to Little Five Points, seeing how I have never been there before.

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