Striped and Cropped

In my last post, I mentioned my great vintage finds from the shops at Little Five Points. This striped crop top was one of them and guess how much it cost me… the low, low price of $6! It’s perfectly lightweight for summer and so versatile. Paired with a high-waisted periwinkle skirt, this outfit is perfect for an afternoon out and about or in my case, a Sunday dinner with the family.

Because I’m already anticipating fall, most of my other purchases from L5P aren’t weather appropriate quite yet. I seriously can’t wait to bundle in layers, throw on chunky knit scarves,  and pull on my flat boots. This heat wave in Georgia is intolerable right now.


5 responses to “Striped and Cropped

  1. Better watch out with these racy posts with all that skin! But I am all for thrifty shopping!

  2. I love thrift store finds! i found this hot pink blazer for 4 dollars, but it was too small 😦

    -Bianca at

  3. Hahahahaha love Greg’s comment. But I absolutely love this outfit. Definitely something I would steal from you. Also, the second to last picture, LOVE.

  4. Enjoyed watching you shop. Thrift shopping- I wasn’t feeling it that day 🙂 Loved the pics!

  5. Hot momma! What???? I didn’t make the pics?

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