My Newest Obsession

This week I created three new accounts: Gmail, Pandora and Pinterest. (Yes, I realize how terribly behind I am by just joining these sites now.) Of the three, Pinterest is undoubtedly my newest obsession; I only began pinning as of yesterday and already I can’t seem to stop. For those already on Pinterest, you can follow my boards here. And if you aren’t pinning yet, I definitely recommend it. I’ve already found numerous recipes and DIY projects I can’t wait to try. Not to mention I’m making quite the list of wardrobe staples that I need immediately.


5 responses to “My Newest Obsession

  1. You like Pinterest? I had no idea…

  2. you are crazy girl-focus on school and quit blogging 🙂

  3. I have heard a lot of pinterest posts by people recently… i had no idea what it was until now!

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