Pepperoni and Cheese Croissants

After making s’more croissants and now these, I am fully convinced that everything goes well when wrapped inside of a croissant roll. As a fan of easy recipes that still taste great, these yummy eats are at the top of my list!

Roll out Pillsbury crescent rolls. Add about five pieces of pepperoni and half of a string cheese to each. Roll them up and try to close the ends as much as possible. If not, you’ll wind up with melted cheese on a cooking sheet (not that I minded eating it off in the least). Follow the cooking instructions on the crescent roll package and you are good to go!

*Original recipe found here via Pinterest.


2 responses to “Pepperoni and Cheese Croissants

  1. Can you come cook these for me? They look delicious!

  2. Um…Yum! Love the fact you are cooking something other than mac and cheese-You can make me these next week when I come visit.

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