About Ashley

My name is Ashley Biondich, and I started the Glamazon Guide in January 2011. I am obsessed with fashion, and this blog grew out of that love. I enjoy keeping up with the latest trends, and I am constantly browsing my favorite fashion blogs, websites, magazines and Pinterest to inspire my personal style.

I love stripes, scarves, statement jewelry, flannel, high-waisted skirts, loose tops, boots, skinny jeans, denim shorts, ballet flats and hats of all kinds. I confess to having a bit of a shopping problem, but I always find fashionable pieces that keep me within my budget. My favorite stores include Francesca’s, H&M, Express, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Cheeky Peach, fab’rik, Forever 21 and ZARA.

My beauty routine is simple – Bare Minerals foundation, eyeliner and mascara for daily wear. Every now and then I’ll add a swipe of blush or eyeshadow with a bright red or coral lip. I love to play with different hairstyles and recently chopped five inches off my hair. Even in the summer I gravitate to darker polishes, and I prefer sticking to a signature scent.

When I’m not blogging, you can find me playing with my sweet puppy Coco, settling into my new apartment, reading about the latest social media trends, eating Mexican food, enjoying a post-work happy hour with friends, and living this little thing called life in Atlanta, Ga.


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