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Pepperoni and Cheese Croissants

After making s’more croissants and now these, I am fully convinced that everything goes well when wrapped inside of a croissant roll. As a fan of easy recipes that still taste great, these yummy eats are at the top of my list!

Roll out Pillsbury crescent rolls. Add about five pieces of pepperoni and half of a string cheese to each. Roll them up and try to close the ends as much as possible. If not, you’ll wind up with melted cheese on a cooking sheet (not that I minded eating it off in the least). Follow the cooking instructions on the crescent roll package and you are good to go!

*Original recipe found here via Pinterest.


S’more Croissants

Today I baked the easiest (but tastiest) dessert that I found thanks to Pinterest. The recipe is from Northern Cottage and it only requires three ingredients: mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and tube crescent rolls. The total prep time was about three minutes for eight rolls and after 10 minutes in the oven they were golden brown. I highly recommend eating them hot! My roomies and I devoured them almost immediately.

My Newest Obsession

This week I created three new accounts: Gmail, Pandora and Pinterest. (Yes, I realize how terribly behind I am by just joining these sites now.) Of the three, Pinterest is undoubtedly my newest obsession; I only began pinning as of yesterday and already I can’t seem to stop. For those already on Pinterest, you can follow my boards here. And if you aren’t pinning yet, I definitely recommend it. I’ve already found numerous recipes and DIY projects I can’t wait to try. Not to mention I’m making quite the list of wardrobe staples that I need immediately.

Farmer’s Market & Vintage Shopping

Enjoying a delicious egg and cheese crepe from the Crepe Cottage.

This Saturday, my family and I started our day bright and early with a trip to the Alpharetta Farmers Market. Although waking to my alarm clock at 8:20 a.m. was difficult, our delectable finds were well worth it. Having swooped up all the goodies we desired, we regrouped and made our way to Little Five Points where I had a field day scavenging the shops for inexpensive but amazingly cute vintage finds. (My favorite purchases were two new fedoras to add to my growing  collection.) A coronary bypass burger from the Vortex completed the L5P trip, and I ended the day with a fun-filled night in Athens.

Chocolate Eclair Squares

After making these, I loved how easy it was to put together a delicious, no-bake dessert that the entire family would love. (Also, keeping the oven off during a scorching hot summer is always a plus.) So to welcome my parents and brother home from Minnesota, I turned to Kraft for this recipe for chocolate eclair squares.

I made a few minor adjustments: substituting Publix-brand vanilla wafers because they were on sale and using three instead of two squares of Baker’s chocolate. The extra square provided more chocolately goodness for the top layer drizzle, which I certainly appreciated. The prep time is next to nothing, so for all you glamazons needing an easy, breezy dessert — this is a recipe to try.