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You Are How You Eat

Photo by Shawn Campbell.

You all have already heard that you are what you eat, but what you might not have thought of is this: you are also how you eat. The following tips are to help the glamazon on the go eat cute, quiet and healthy.

Eat cute. There is nothing attractive about a brown paper lunch bag. It is extremely wasteful not to mention ugly. Upgrade to a chic reusable lunch container like this.

Eat quiet. If you’re going to be eating in a quiet environment where Dorito crunching would disturb others, be polite and pack “quiet food.” Fresh fruit like bananas or oranges, string cheese, yogurt or hummus and pita bread are all good options. Or if you’re hungrier, a sandwich works, but leave off the crisp lettuce.

Eat healthy. Typically around lunchtime is when you need a pick me up. Let your food energize you for the rest of the day. Marie Claire shares the five healthy foods that you should eat every day here.