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My return to blogging?

I haven’t posted anything in longer than forever, but here I am… uploading some photos from my weekend in Athens. A lot has changed since October 2011, the date of my last post (yikes!). I graduated from the University of Georgia in December, started working as an account coordinator at Arketi Group in January, and made my official move to Atlanta in June. Now that things are finally getting settled, I’m hoping to find the time to get back to blogging regularly. Stay tuned to see whether or not I actually make that happen…

ImageCeleste and I listening to some great music at Athfest.

ImageNew denim shorts by erika arnold designs. Check her out on Facebook- these are amaze. 

ImageAnother new purchase from this weekend: Lily and Laura bracelets from Cheeky Peach.


Spotted at UO Store on Tour

After a quick trip to Highwire Lounge, Sarah, Rebecca, Coco and I enjoyed an afternoon shopping trip at the Urban Outfitters Store on Tour. I picked up a super stylish leopard sweater and we were fortunate enough to be deemed “street stylish” by the UO team. Check out the tweet, loves!

Photo Frames

For my final semester at UGA, I’m living in the same apartment (and with the same roommates) as last year. Because I didn’t sublease while living in Alpharetta over the summer, move in was a simple process. Everything in my room was already in place, but I wanted to change out two posters for new wall decorations. To fill the space, I took two old photo frames and replaced the outdated pictures with images I found from some of my favorite fashion blogs. The DIY project was simple and inexpensive, and the result was just what I was hoping for.


Cooling down with a frozen treat from King of Pops.

This weekend I made my first trip back to Athens since leaving for my summer in Alpharetta/Atlanta. It felt so wonderful to be back at the apartment with my roommates, and I absolutely loved my first ever AthFest experience. The lineup of bands (although most were unknown to me)  was fabulous and seeing Nappy Roots perform was just about the only thing that gave Sarah and me the strength to bear the scorching heat… that and some cold drinks of course.

Raspberry brindles from Highwire Lounge.

Waiting for the next band to take the stage.

Nappy Roots rocking the crowd.

Mimosas and croissants (still in the oven when this was taken) for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed morning.

Giving Never Goes Out of Style

Hey there glamazons! As you will notice, this post differs from the typical beauty and fashion advice that I like to dish out. Instead of talking about how to tame dirty hair or survive a rainy day in style (still forthcoming), I want to share a special cause that I have been working with this past month.

My social media class at UGA, the class for which I created this blog, has been trying to raise $5,000 for charity: water. This amount of money is enough to build one well and provide countless people with access to clean, safe water – a simple life necessity that we oftentimes fail to fully appreciate. Most of our fundraising efforts have focused on incorporating social media tactics with a few on-campus events including bake sales, water pong for Earth Day, Thirsty Thursday campaign, a percentage night at Buddha Bar (appropriately offering well drinks and well shots), and a pledge to go a day without water.

Because giving never goes out of style, I challenge you – my loyal readers – to always do what you can to help others. I suggest that you start by donating to the Is Yours Clean? charity: water campaign by clicking here. Every donation makes a difference, and if you have any questions about contributing, leave a comment or send me an email at ashleybiondich@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance for your help.